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Values & Offering


I care about personal and professional growth and the idea of being your best self. Everything I do is driven by a high level of authenticity, accountability and integrity. Life long learning and integration of knowledge and skills are a key pillar of my personal and professional development. In all of this, a good sense of humor helps to navigate our fast-paced, ever changing world. Being a millennial myself, I understand both the opportunities and challenges that come with our generation in the workforce.  

authenticity | accountability | integrity | open-mindedness | learning | humor


I am a well-trained and tested facilitator and trainer with extensive knowledge of human psychology, group dynamics, the Graves model, Crucial Conversations and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). I have so far worked in the education, consulting and social media sector. I might be the right person to talk to if you are looking for:

  • Personal Development & Personal Impact
  • Team Development & Group Dynamics
  • Organizational Development & Corporate Culture
  • Coaching
  • Crucial Conversations Training
  • NLP Training