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Graves / 9 Levels

Clare W. Graves

Graves was a psychology professor who, over a lifetime, developed the theory that explains the development of humans over time. 

ECLET - A Theory that explains Everything

“The emergent, cyclical, double-helix model of the adult human biopsychosocial systems development”

Not the catchiest of all names, but, as Graves once stated himself: "It is what it is."

In short, his theory describes the ever emerging human and his/her value systems in a cyclical way. As our environment and the related challenges evolve, new, more complex levels of human existence get triggered and new coping mechanisms develop within us. 

This is best visualized in a double-helix in which one of them represents the environment and the other one the individual. 

Each level of existence comes with a specific way of thinking, key values, a preferred leadership style etc., which makes the ECLET theory so relevant to coaching, consulting, conflict resolution, corporate culture and lots of other fields of application. 

9 Levels

9 Levels is a set of tools that allows us to measure the Graves levels in individuals, groups and organizations. 

This helps to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Understand and resolve conflicts
  • Have a common language to talk about the status quo and opportunities of change
  • Drive positive change & development in individuals, groups and organizations
  • Learn how to lead different types of employees and to work on one's leadership skills
  • Understand the dynamic of a team and the culture of an organization


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